MJ5-i dehumidifying dryer and vacuum loader uses 75% less energy. It can adjust to have faster, more efficient drying- while still cutting your drying times in half. Up to 75% less energy use
Unlike conventional dryers that run continously no matter how large or small their load, only the MJ5-i with "iPlas" intuitively senses size variations, automatically adjusting, reducing energy use up to 75%.

The WITTMANN Group has headquarters in Vienna/Austria and is a world-wide operating company with 7 production facilities and 28 branch offices in all major plastics markets in the world.

See www.wittmann-group.com for the full line of products and service available.

KOSMEK - Quick Mold Change Systems

MEIKI Co., Ltd. Japan - Injection molding machines and vacuum laminators

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With a parent company in Japan pushing technological advances, Matsui is our choice when it comes to reliable dryers and loaders.

Matsui has a wide line of various equipment to suit your needs. Pictured is the newest MJ5-i dehumidifying dryer with vacuum loader.  

See www.matsuiamerica.com for the full line of products and service available.

Vision Industries - Laser Welding

Your solution to saving time and downtime due to damaged molds!  Repair mold without taking down the whole mold.

Repair in house, quickly and efficiently.

Metal Doctor is an electro-spark surface deposition and hardening (coating) machine using arc spark effect in the air. The temperature of the spark point is approximately 25,000°C; however no heat accumulation occurs during diffusion and deposition periods.

Alloy Deposits on the surface without changing the property and creates strong metallurgical bonding that never be separated from your work piece.  It's a must see to believe!  Demo machine available at our Brea, California location.

Morita Seiki Kogyo Co. Ltd. Japan - Granulators

The W853 / W873 are Intended for large molding machines and payloads of 50 kg (110 lbs) to 125 kg (275 lbs). The kick-stroke beam as well as the vertical telescopic arm, are constructed of thin walled steel tubes to allow fast movement with minimum vibration.  Options available.

With the Quick Mold Change System, you will be using an auto clamping system, which can cut your time both taking down the mold and setting it up, also reduce personnel power while making machine downtime minimal.  Available for both horizontal and vertical machines.

See http://www.kosmek.co.jp/english/products/qmcs/introduction/ for the full line of products and service available.

Looktech Co., Ltd.Metal Doctor III

Electro-spark Surface Deposition & Hardening (Coating) Machine

Matsui - Dehumidifying Dryers and Loaders

We can work with you to:

  • Start up a high-efficiency production facility
  • Add to your existing facility
  • Improve the efficiency of your existing facility

Vision Industries, with their parent company in Japan leads the way in laser welding. With a variety of size and space-saving options, they are reliable and efficient.

Unlike the traditional roller laminators which create a lot of voids, the Meiki MVLP Vacuum Laminators create uniform lamination over the entire surface of your product.


Wittmann Battenfeld - CNC Robots and Sprue Pickers

With a range of HP to fit needs of granulating different types of material, Morita Seiki Kogyo is the dependable granulator for your production.  

See www.moritaseikikogyo.co.jp for the full line of products available.

Injection Molding Machines

Whether you seek Vertical, Horizontal, Electric or Hydraulic molding machines, we can assist you in assessing your current needs and recommend the best equipment to fit your products and use.

We work with many different Injection Molding Machine manufacturers to make sure your investment is solid.

email us at info@yamatoengineering.com